FREE Cyber Email Security Tools for Developers

Trusted Sender Network provides free cybersecurity and email security applications with easy to understand step by step tasks. Get the secret to cybersecurity and act like a pro without the experience necessasry.

String Encoder

Why would I need these tools

When authenticating a domain for cyber email and domain security purposes, or using our API to request multiple domain checks all of these tools have been useful to us and are used regularly.

Are these the only tools availale?

No, registered users (yes free accounts) get all of the DNS, SPOOF, DMARC reports, DKIM Wizard, SPF analyzer, cybersecurity wizard for your website, email, domain and anti SPAM protection plus more.

What do I need to encode for Trusted Sender Score API?

Whgen using the Trusted Sender Score API, Zulu eDM API and other APIs there are some calls that require Base64 and URL Encoded strings.