SPOOF Email Test

Trusted Sender Network provides this free email spoof application to help demonstrate the ease by which email can be used in a cyber email attack.

This is a test email spoof to show you how easily an email domain can be used to send sinister email if it has not been protected. To check this domain's Trusted Sender Score profile visit this link.

Imagine losing your uninsured life savings by falling victim to a targeted cyberattack. That's what is heppening at the moment across the globe as cyber criminals focus on exploiting clients of financial service firms to steal retirement and personal savings. The ease in which this is achieved is proven in this spoof email which the criminals know exactly which financial service firms and advisors have not properly secure their email domains against the largest known cyber threat, email scams and spoofing.

Trusted Sender Score has been built to help non-technical users of email understand if the email or email domain they are interacting with can be trusted and what they can do to be better protected.

Simply visit Trusted Sender Score and check the cyber trust score prior to interacting with any email you deem important.

For any organization to secure their email and domain borders and prequalify for secured cyber insurance use Trusted Sender Network, the only cyber email and domain security application mandated by insurers.

It is not only simple and easy to use but you can get secure your first domain for free, which also starts to protect your brand, staff, clients and other internet users.

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